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The effects of media are felt differently in various parameters but there are common effects that will be critically analyzed in this article. The evaluation will therefore incorporate more knowledge into the reader of the article on the absolute effects of media in the society.
This article will highlight appropriate issues that an individual should know in the matter of effects of mass media to the society. The influence of media in our lives thus the society as a whole is greatly related to the degree in which an individual interacts with the elements of media on a daily basis. Books are always highly influential because they came first before articles such as magazines, newspapers, and radio. In the 20th century, the television and radio were very influential as they were used in advertisements, marketing and many more. By the 21st century the great influence was from the internet through the worldwide website inform of blogs, social networks, and wikis.
First, there should be a distinction between the effects and effectiveness of the mass media. In the capacity to achieve certain objectives whether attracting large audiences or influencing opinion and behavior of individuals. Both of these matters are paramount though there are a different set of consideration relating to each other. The second issue is whether individuals are concerned with the future or past thus this will facilitate their interaction with media to be often due to the search of particular important information. The last point is to know if the effects occur on an individual, group, culture, institution, or the society. In this case the major focus is on the effects and influence on the society (Perse amp. Elizabeth, 51). The effects of media on the society are always difficult to recognize because they take long to happen and they are always evolving on a daily

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