Wooqer Corporation Must Use Information Technology

IT provides an opportunity for the various divisions within an organization like HR, operations and training to be efficient in their activities. Therefore, Wooqer must use IT in a way that enhances the corporation’s strategic position through engaging with the social ecosystem of the stakeholders like the employees, customers and suppliers.Wooqer in an attempt to make business social, the corporation needs to develop universal retail practices and approaches across its enterprises. To achieve this, the corporation has to develop a nation-wide information communication framework, which is essential in emphasizing the organization’s appeal. However, the simplicity of the system is essential to allow people with little knowledge or skills in IT to use it without necessary help from the IT department. Accomplishing the needs means that the corporation’s IT infrastructure needs to support business activities from multiple levels. For instance, Wooqer amended the process of requesting supplies in order to streamline the process. moreover, the corporation had to come up with ways of instantly informing quality assurance team in order to handle complaints in a timely manner (Venkatagiri amp. Prakash, 2013).

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