Women being seen as powerless figures

It is this same culture that has keep on emphasizing women to be incapable and thus despite women being in various leadership positions. they are normally under very tight scrutiny by the general public contrary to how society treat men.As a woman, this double standards by our society creates a great sense of discomfort and I can’t fail to express my anger and displeasure on how us as women are viewed ‘powerless figures’ and treated. There is a general under presentation of women globally, be it in government and/or corporate institutions. that is despite the population of women being more than that of men. Clearly stated, there is a patriarchal system that has continued to put women as if they are second-class and this explains for the kind of problems Women and girls face. In order to understand this typical culture, it is important to look at what the society expects from women? And what enhances and /or determines a person status /standing in society.First, let look at what enhances or determines a woman status? Unfortunately, the society has established ‘Looks’ as the defining factors for women. Well, I know you are asking, what about intelligence and money? But there is no refuting that the more good-looking a woman is, the more she is recognized and respected. Beauty has been equated to power. Interestingly, the same looks are necessary when finding a husband. We all know that beauty is superficial and natural and thus, society is strident in judging a woman by the very one factor that is predetermined by birth and can’t be influenced. This is how far society can go when it come to a woman. For men Looks’ is just one of the many factors .A man’s power is viewed from a broader perspective and in case of any deficiency in one of these areas, he can make up for it ,since when it comes to men society is

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