What is a source of nursing research

Nursing Research Affiliation Research in Nursing In nursing, research is the foundation to enhancing evidence-based practice, which is meant to uplift the health care system in terms of quality to all individuals, households, societies, and national wide health care institutions. The main goal of conducting nursing research is to acquire knowledge to establish the scientific background for clinical practice, to prevent disease associated disabilities and to effectively manage and annihilate disease symptoms. Nursing research also contributes to the refining of health policy in grassroots health care facilities up to the tertiary level and the general public. All nursing research are fuelled by an identified gap in practical field that must be addressed to better nursing care, often this is regarded as the research problem (Winsett amp. Cashion, 2007).Nursing research can be identified by a wide search on different topics in current journals on health. Most journals give current information on trends in health, life style disease and health practices in various groups of people in the population. Analyzing these journals with an interest of identifying areas that have inadequate information or problems that stand unsolved will often avail chances of coming up with research problems (Winsett amp. Cashion, 2007). For instance a journal containing information about the menace of drug resistance among a certain population may provoke several questions which will ultimately lead to fining a research problem. Drug resistance is broad however a narrower research topic can be coined out to help better the understanding why drug resistance is a menace to the public health. Using drug resistance as the broader topic, a research topic such as. assessing the knowledge and awareness of a certain population on the dangers of noncompliance to antibiotic therapy. This is a potential research study meant to reveal why the population is having a problem of drug resistance.ReferenceWinsett, R. P., amp. Cashion, A. K. (2007). The nursing research process. Nephrology Nursing Journal : Journal of the American Nephrology Nurses’ Association, 34, 635–43.

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