What does it mean to say a school is doing well

The awareness and importance of laws and regulations to be followed can only be developed in the early learning phases. hence, it is unjustified to ignore these important areas in the core policy making of educational systems (Eisner 2001). The rationalization of education system is the concept, which according to the research and my personal opinion, forms the basis of a powerful and knowledgeable future generation. The rationalization approach mainly focuses on the consequences of any educational activity. The future or goal oriented approach to education is simply a move towards a better learning environment and future outcomes. The use of the standard educational system cannot be classified as completely irrelevant to the future development or useless but the rationalized system obviously tends to be more fruitful. The goal oriented approach to education leads to a better system where education is seen as a ways of achieving goals. The schools need to be provided with clear understanding of what is expected of them rather than what is expected of the students in the future. The clear indication of the outcomes of the system, policies and instructions simply direct a person, an institution or a system towards a known goal. The achievement of those goals also motivates the people involved and help in maintaining the pace of achievements in the future. The rationalization approach is not a generalized assumption of achieving goals, but it rather provides a target-setting approach which helps in the measurement of the outcomes achieved (Eisner 2006). The targets in the educational system need to be realistic and measurable. However, the… Nowadays, the educational systems are criticized for the lack of coherency, completeness and measurability of the outcomes. This paper aims to support a reform in terms of educational systems and supports the rationalization of educational system to increase the credibility of the learnt concepts and their practical advantages being enjoyed by the larger society. It would revolve around the basic concepts that a school really requires so that it can be said that it is going well (Eisner 2001. Karen 2006). The educational systems are basically aimed at providing conceptual and theoretical knowledge to the students. These students are hence, equipped with theories, knowledge and power to use that knowledge. But this only what we expect of the educational environments and systems. The reality, however, is sometimes different. The lack of supervision on the students and the educational institutes give rise to newer and more complex problems. The students are often found to be guilty of breaking the rules of the school like rules on plagiarism, attendance, assignment submission, copying, bribery and so on. Those these appear to be a few general issues yet the implications of these issues are devastating. The recommendations of standardized testing and rationality should be analyzed as they do not form a part of the performance of school.

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