Week 12 Replies

1 Mark as Unread RE: Main Post Brenda Jones 6/26 11:25:10 AM hi nice post! its funny because everyone around me seems to know and accept that the only thing constant in life is change but the minute they are confronted with the word, they sulk, balk and try to ignore the change. i agree with you that leaders should be aggressive enough to implement change when employees seem against change. i think when leaders know that the change will bring the majority something good, they should go ahead with it and worry about those in opposition later on. i believe those who oppose are either just afraid of the unfamiliar or feel/know they wont benefit from the change.
2. RE: MAIN POST WEEK 12 Brenda Jones 7/3/2014 10:40:17 AM
nice post! i can only imagine how difficult it was to implement that kind of change regarding cell phone use. because people seem to be connected at the hip with their cellphones it is really difficult to find a way to keep everyone in tow. the solution your company came up with is great. however, what is going to be the effect on company expenses in the long run? i mean if im the employee and i knew i was going to get a gift, then id always try to fill up my card fast.
3. RE: Main Post Brenda Jones 7/2/2014 6:15:54 AM
hi nice post! you are right. unless people do not see the reason why a change is needed, they will not support the move for change. it is important to show them that the need is necessary. this is the only time people can decide whether they will support the change or not.
4. RE: Main Post Brenda Jones 7/2/2014 4:57:52 AM
Thats true Antonia. Meeting all members/workers and listening to their concerns shows them that management respects them. This will foster loyalty. However, I think it also depends on the size of the organization. it can be hard to do this for a very large organization.
5. RE: main post Brenda Jones 7/3/2014 10:48:48 AM
nice post! i think it will always be hard to implement changes especially if the change affects ones lifestyle. this is something personal. like your example, ive seen many places prohibit smoking in their grounds/facility. what the smokers did was move to a parking lot near those buildings and smoke there instead. i think if people want to get around a change, they will find a way.
6. RE: Main Post | Tina McGlory Brenda Jones 7/3/2014 10:54:07 AM
Hi nice post. i agree with your steps you will take as a leader to meet resistance to change. you are right. forcing change on people without open communication will have bad results. being open to all stakeholders will indeed facilitate a smoother transition.

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