Use of paramedics

Use of Paramedics Paramedics are highly skilled professionals who are licensed to provide emergency health care outside of the hospital. They are theforefront in the performance of lifesaving medical mediation especially during emergencies and accidents such as vehicular accidents, heart attacks, seizures, fainting, falls, allergic reactions and etc that require immediate medical attention and care. Paramedic care is usually done to stabilize the condition of a patient while waiting for the emergency vehicle to arrive that would transport a patient to the hospital. They provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid treatment before or during the transport to the hospital as there are some cases where the medical care given during the transport to the hospital is at most crucial in saving a life. People who provide paramedic care are usually called Ambulance Paramedic or Ambulance Officers. Although there is no institutionalized education attainment required to be a paramedic officer, paramedic schools prefer to accept those with University degrees (What is A Paramedic, n.d.).Today, the roles of Paramedics are continuously being redefined especially because of the increasing demand for their services. Reportedly, there has been a higher incident count of those who suffer cardiovascular and mental illnesses that require paramedic care. Also with the aging population that is usually involved in medical conditions that need immediate care, nurses are slowly being replaced by paramedics to respond to community needs (What is A Paramedic, n.d.). There are a lot of reasons why paramedics are slowly taking the roles of nurses today. One of which would be the shortage of nurses in some communities due to the educational requirement that a lot of people are not able to complete (Paramedics fill in for ICU nurses, n.d.). Aside from that, there is a high percentage of medical cases today that need immediate medical care as patients learn about their illness only after experiencing an attack and needing cure already rather than being able to practice prevention. This says a lot of about our current lifestyle where people are surrounded with stress, busy schedule, inactive routine, and a lot of fast food alternatives which are unhealthy. With this said, helicopter emergency services is now being integrated in emergency rescue process. Helicopter emergency services are used to improve the efficiency of patient transport and increase mortality rate among severely injured patients especially those that are in inaccessible places by land (Association Between Helicopter vs Ground Emergency Medical Services and Survival for Adults With Major Trauma, n.d.). They operate in such a way that when they receive an emergency call about a medical dilemma that they consider to be a high acuity case, they send helicopters with paramedics to the location of the patient to stabilize his or her condition. Indeed, helicopter emergency services are one of the improvements made in life-saving activities. Therefore, paramedics and nurses altogether play an important role in any medical setting and situation. This is because though not all paramedics hold certain medical education degrees, both are highly skilled and knowledgeable in providing immediate medical care and attention. Bibliography: What is A Paramedic. Student Paramedics Australia. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. . Paramedics fill in for ICU nurses. | Join the discussion. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. .Association Between Helicopter vs Ground Emergency Medical Services and Survival for Adults With Major Trauma. JAMA Network | JAMA | Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. .Top of FormBottom of Form

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