The company needs to target an unserved but profitable segment of the market to increase sales and boost image minus the fierce competition.Distribution channels. The company depends largely on department stores to sell its products. Reebok should explore other channels that would effectively promote the increased visibility of its products in the market.Intellectual property rights. The company produces its products through independent manufacturers in third world countries. Despite the enforcement of patent laws, knockoffs proliferate in many international markets which have an adverse affect on Reebokā€™s revenues.Our passion for winning creates our possibilities. We harness the boundless creative energy of every individual to make the differences that count – to captivate the consumer and create an exceptional global brand and organization.a. [Pros] Reduced production costs and lead time, increased gross margins in the long run and creates new sources of raw materials for footware product lines as well as develop more efficient distribution channels.a. [Pros] Reebok needs to stick to more conservative demand forecasts to effectively control marketing, advertising and other related expenses. minimize production problems, cut costs and generate adequate cash flow for debt servicing.1. Recommending the implementation of the Market Development Strategy [Alternative 1] to increase brand value and gain a bigger market share, if not a controlling interest in the athletic shoes and sports apparel market.5. Product lines intended for outdoor activities should also be developed apart from contact sports, with 40% of the subject segment looking for new outdoor activities, among them backpacking/hiking (47%), road biking (38%), camping (30%) and paddle sports (23%). (NPD Group, as cited in Rab, 2004)1. Revamp of existing marketing platforms and repositioning to new segment must be

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