The Rise Of China And The Future Of The West

China’s increasing economic activities in Africa and Latin America proves beyond doubt that China is actively participating in global issues more than ever. Another aspect we have to consider while evaluating the growth of a nation is its global presence. Chinese products are nowadays conquering all the global markets and also creating a lot of headaches to others because of its cheap price though quality may be in question. China’s increased role as a strategic actor in international issues in recent times and also in a short period of time indicates its dominance and influence as a rising world power. Strategic alliance with Russia (though suspected as an anti-American alliance) and its search for acquiring new resources for further geo-strategic expansion, all are strong indications of China as a rising power.Economic growth of a nation is controlled by many parameters like political stability, lack of agitations in the society or industrial sectors and also the country’s ability to mobilize the internal resources along with attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) in the country. The people’s living standards, unemployment problems, educational levels, infrastructure developments, overall domestic peace levels and also the relationships with the neighboring countries, all will reflect the economic growth of a nation.China and its progress towards becoming a super world power in the near future is a hot topic among international community recent times. Chinese products have raised immense challenges to other quality product manufacturers from different countries because of the cheaper prices. Even America is confused about, how to control the entry of the huge amount of Chinese products in American markets which destroys the domestic industries in America.

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