The Pro’s and Con’s of Obama Care



With this healthcare plan, individuals and small business owners can acquire health-related insurances based on subsidized premium. However, the health care plan has been opposed on the ground of racial prejudice. It is also criticized for adding extra taxes, which has increased government spending. Moreover, the other limitation of the healthcare plan is that citizens are required to have health insurance by the year 2014, if not a tax penalty might be imposed on them. In addition, employers are necessitated to contribute not less than the figure of 50% of the health plan premium in order to get advantage of the benefit of tax credit. The employers who do not have adequate tax liability are not eligible to obtain complete current benefit. In this regard, comparing the benefits and the limitations of Obama Care, it can be affirmed that the plan should be continued in the US with aim of providing better quality health insurance plan. In the United States, the people are provided with different healthcare plans along with policies with the aim of improving health coverage. The healthcare plans are implemented in order to ensure that the people are facilitated with effective care as well as treatment services. Obama Care has been implemented in the US with the aim of ensuring that people are provided with better health insurance coverage. The healthcare plan has been implemented as an affordable health care policy, which is identified as ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’ (PPACA). It has been also identified that the healthcare plan includes new taxes, which have adversely affected the effectiveness of the plan. Additionally, the healthcare plan is also identified to be criticized on different grounds that include legal along with political considerations. On the legal along with political ground, the healthcare plan has been criticized to be based on racial prejudice. In this regard, the health care plan has been ineffective in its approach due to improper management of the policies.

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