The Principles of Marketing

There are enormous career opportunities for students in international and global marketing. It increases the analytical skill of the students, as they have to deal with several international opportunities and threats from a business perspective.The marketing students should solve the case studies on different issues that impact several global companies by implementing several competitive analytical tools of marketing. It will increase the practical knowledge and core competency of good analytical skills. Moreover, the student should up to date with current affairs in the global marketing field and have to follow several marketing articles and journals.High involvement internet consumers do more online shopping than the low involvement consumers because the consumers who are less involved with the internet believe in traditional shopping from an outlet.In the present era of internet marketing, the leading e-commerce retailers have targeted the young generation as they do more online shopping. Getting connected by several social media networks and the companies’ social media promotion influence them to consume products.In India day by the bay, the price of petroleum, oil, and LPG is increasing. As there are limited oil producers and suppliers in the global market the government of India has to buy the product paying high tax. Therefore, the price is increasing.As a result, people are looking for a substitute for these products. The consumers are selecting substitutes like induction cookers, motorbikes that run by natural energy, oil efficient small cars. The negative buying behavior of consumers towards petroleum is affecting several industries like LPG oven, big SUV family cars, etc.The sporting goods retailer should adopt the mailed questionnaire method as the questionnaires are short and clear, simple and intelligible, and very few questions’ existences. The maximum college students have the personal email id.

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