The Poems

The essay The Poems – Death and old age discovers the poem Death and old age. The poet is also addressing the contemporaries who are now very closer to death and many of those have died. He is basically conveying the idea of weakened body and reduced energies which make a person realized that he is about to die. It is also about the inspiration of wait for death while evaluating oneself. The death cannot be faced by cowards but only brave people can wait for it courageously. The fear of death is so much significant that one should be a lot much daring to wait for it. The central image of the poem is waiting for death and lessening energies of an individual is the message. The relation between the weakening of energies tends towards death ultimately. The poem is consisted of seven free stanzas. It is the stance of modern poetry. In modern poetry, it is not necessary that a poem must follow the sequence. In first stanza, poet conveys the idea of day by day weakening body and tells that now he is ready to go back from where he came in the world and it is a sign of daring personality. In second and third stanza, the poet reveals the instances which are evolved with the old age like lessening the energies. In fourth stanza it is described that the friends and fellows are also in the same stage, some are very ill whereas some are died. In fifth and sixth stanzas, the poet reveals that he worked well throughout his life so that he is not worried about anything about death. He tells that he can die. with ease because he is satisfied of his conduct. In last stanza he is again telling the same thing that he does not need this frail body now because it has completed its time and he is very daring. He is not afraid of death no matter at which time he gets died. He declares himself ready for death. 2. Crossing the bar The poem is written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. He is the poet of classic come modern era. He has written a number of master pieces of the poetry which are still very much illustrious among contemporaries. He was no doubt a legend poet. The underlying poem is nominated as an elegy of himself. He wrote the poem after when he fell seriously ill and he was near sea. He has morn for his own death in the poem. In the stanza scheme, he adopted the conventional AB AB pattern. It is a rare piece of writing in which the poet is addressing his own death. In other words he has written an elegy for his own. An elegy is a poem or song which is memorial after the death of some one. The poet is conveying his own death event. The main idea which is generalized is his own practice in which he conveys the audience about his pre and post death feelings. It is more appropriate perhaps because he had recently seen the death closely. The message of the poem is to create a relationship death and sea bank scenes. He has used tremendous metaphors and imagery in the poem. In first stanza, he has described a call for death for what he has pointed night scene. He further explains that no matter whether you are willing to leave your breaths or not, you just need to go once you are called back. In second stanza, He describes the exact death scene when a person is leaving his life and falling in to the arms of death. In third stanza, he tells that all the worries are limited until you are alive, after once you are left there is no sadness or worries remained on your board. In the last stanza, it has been declared as a tremendous piece of presentation of imagery and scene creation. He

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