The Place of Female Vocalist in Jazz Band

The essay "The Place of Female Vocalist in Jazz Band" discusses the relationship between jazz music and the Black people that have been strong over the years and several standards agreeable to comprising the Jazz genre of music. The paper also discusses if female vocalists have a role in the jazz bands.
Most women have not familiarized themselves with the jazz culture hence they cannot bring out what is needed in a performance. Jazz is an area that has long standing culture. It relies on inspiration from the muses and not necessarily practice. Some years back, the position of a woman in society was to revolve around the kitchen and her career. The females were not exposed to jazz music so as to be in a position to learn the unwritten rules of the genre. The strong women, who try their take at jazz, do so by practice. The result of practicing for a jazz performance will not be as compelling as that performance by one who has intrinsically learned the rules of the game through experience. Inspiration is the primary key in staging a great jazz concert. The other social factor that spelled out women from jazz bands was the fact that many men had tried to master the culture of jazz without success. The failure arises from the lack of understanding that jazz music is an uncultured form passed from one person to the other through inspiration. Women of today cannot secure places in jazz bands since they copy other people’s material. The women who performed in jazz bands and succeeded were original in their compositions.

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