Movie review Video I: Summary Paragraph The film is set in a location in Italy and the story is about medici, which is a drama that goes around an Italian family. The main character Michelangelo’s family moved into the city in early 16th century, when he was fifteen years of age. But, it was not long before a war erupted in the city. Michelangelo had a great ability in drawing, therefore, he decides to curve a symbolic stature of peace, which he unleashed on January 1504. It was adopted and place in the city of Florence. From the development of the incredible arch of Florence, the portrait of the Conception of Venus and the chiseling of Michelangelos to Luthers Rectification and Galileos, there happens a notable showdown from the Cathedral. Nothing concerning this could have occurred minus the Medici and their companion. Further, the story is a ruthless blend of aspiration, triumph, homicide, and vengeance. Whats more is that it is a story of rousing accomplishment and social transformation. It uncovers the historical backdrop of the best accomplishments of the early civilization. Video 2: Summary Paragraph In its compliment, this film is produced based on chronological outlines of a book with its same title. It tells about the lives of those who have revolved the present catholic and the challenges they encountered during the accomplishment of their entitled tasks. It is clearly depicted on the movie that the office of the pope played roles beyond evangelism by influencing the politic of the ancient Italy too. On it context, the Catholic Church has gone through many changes to become what it is today (Ullmann 57-63). Again, it shows how the church policies have been improved overtime due to some controversies it went through. Work CitedUllmann, Walter. A Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages. London: Methuen, 1972. Print.

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