The NMC Requirements for Registration

This must be done at participating facilities approved for practical training listed by the NMC — NHS facility, nursing home, etc. — which provide applicants with the supervision, guidance, skills, experience and training required to become professional public health care practitioners. At the end of the supervised practical training programme applicants should be able to demonstrate knowledge of concepts, theories and practice in nursing as well as perform their duties in a professional manner.
The United Kingdom’s stringent requirements for registrants allows qualified applicants to train and develop their skills in various areas and levels of nursing care and become quality professional health care managers and practitioners demonstrating ethical principles in community public health service. This is in part preparation for supervised training which is provided through the National Health Services (NHS) Trust partnership. It is a crowning achievement for six (6) months of diligence, hands-on professional training and education in public health practice and administration.
Development in Medical Ward-Care and Elderly Nursing Care
I began my nursing career at the Medical College at Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria where I received a diploma of General Nursing at commencement on 26th September 1998. After I received my diploma I worked at the District Hospital of Vidin, Bulgaria developing my general medical nursing skills and applying ethical theories and policies based on Bulgaria’s health care laws. During that time I also studied and acquired two (2) diplomas in general nursing care courses which enabled me to further develop my skills as a professional staff nurse in general medicine at District Hospital of Vidin, Bulgaria. In August 2001 I received another diploma for a course in general nursing which updated my status to the European Union Standards. I continued to work at the District Hospital as a Senior Staff Nurse in the Medical Ward-Care from August 2001 to September 2003 where I built on and developed my knowledge, experience and skill set in practical nursing care for the elderly.
As a nurse practitioner in Bulgaria, I worked in an effort to provide the best professional health care that my training, studies and preparation has given me. The drive to assess, assist and administer health care in the General Medical Ward and Medical Ward-Care for the elderly has allowed me further understanding of the commitment and opportunity to uplift and enhance quality health care through professional means. Seeking to broaden my knowledge, skills, experience and scope in General Medicine with specialization in elderly health care I sought out ways to further develop my knowledge in, understand the policies and procedures of, acquire the basic-how beyond my scope and local community as an effort to learn the clinical and theoretical principles of nursing. This preparation has allowed me to take this unique

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