The Most Important Points in Health Communication

This is reinforced in the following paragraphs and is important for the entire course of the book. Narratives are true from the narrators perspective and many times could be far from that. The weakest point in the chapter is about the modes of thought. Paradigmatic is not discussed further and is left off though that could have been another major topic of the chapter.
The topic centers around the cultural sensitivity to communication from all quarters involved in the communication. and all concerned stakeholders of the event. Everybody has different viewpoints that take on different reasoning and mindset to understand and appreciate the happenings in the communicated event, particularly the role played by the culture. The culture impacts the views of one stakeholder to be diametrically different from the other which could take on different cues at different points in time. This idea is reinforced by a narrative that took the American newspaper headlines for nearly one month years back. This narrative and the excerpts from the book is not only motivating but reinforces the old practices of listening to the other person’s views as a part of the whole health communication system. Only if both the provider and the patient could work together can there be a solution? The chapter while reinforcing on the impact of culture in health communication, it fails to work on the point it starts discussing on the opinion variation that plays an important role in the human narratives and health communications. It leaves out the individual choice part and works only on the differences due to culture though it starts with the other statement.

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