The Issue of Intellectual Property Law

The logo of the device, depicted by rainbow arcing up and through a red ring and emerging on the other side was also registered.
Nine months later, Leona also developed such a device for London Underground. The device worked on the same pattern as that of ‘Bus weasel’ using the same computer code which was developed by Marina during the college days. Leona called it ‘the Tube ferret’ and used the slogan, ‘ferreting thru’ the London rush’. Leona registered her logo which looked the same as that of Bus Weasel except that the rainbow was inverted!
Recently, a company was established to market a device called ‘the Metro Rat’. This device performed the same work as that of Bus Weasel and Tube ferret. The device was initially planned for Paris and New York but later all major cities of the world are to be covered.
It needs to be established whether Leona had violated the copyright of Marina by using her computer software in her device and whether it can be construed that she has also infringed on Marina’s trademark by using annbsp.almost similar logo.
It also needs to be clarified and established if the new company would be marketing ‘Metro Rat’, a device that performs similar functions as the device produced by Marina and Leona has violated the copyrights of Marina and Leona.
Intellectual property law can broadly be defined as the rights of the persons for his creative output in terms of academic writing, research, new product development, idea, design or any such artistic expression which are original. The law granted by the state constitution prevents the exploitation of the person’s work and gives him control against any exploitation of that work. The commercial exploitation of the work through copy and plagiarism may deprive the author of his rightful reward and incentives. The law, therefore, greatly facilitates the person to gain financially through sharing of knowledge or his amongst thenbsp.public.

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