The Importance of Nursing Research in Clinical Practice

The importance of research in clinical practice is that it provides analysis used to guide nursing profession. Clinical nursing research is based on the problems arising from the practice. Nursing research is conducted on patients facing real problems and the analysis gives chances of solving the problems through the upgrading of nursing care. There are two types of research that is basic and applied research. The basic research is undertaken to enlarge the foundation of understanding in the profession, produce or improve a theory. On the other hand, the applied research seeks to find solutions to existing problems. The research develops and supports clinical practice through recognition, exploration, prediction, explanation, description, and control of problems in the nursing practice (Polit amp. Beck 2004:18). The nurses in practice are expected to have immense knowledge and apply research and base their practice on evidence-based research. The evidence-based practice is the application of the best evidence from research carried out by other health professionals and nurses to make patient care decisions. The nursing decisions based on evidence-based analysis are clinically suitable, cost-effective and results to positive patient outcomes (Polit amp. Beck 2014:3).
A qualitative research is a wide word that covers various techniques and thoughts hence its complex nature. It is an approach that permits the study of people’s encounters in depth, by employing a particular set of research techniques.

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