The Economic situation of a given Country

The country is made up of 63 Islands, the main island being referred to as Singapore inclusive. The connection to Malaysia is man-made which are Johor Causeway to the North and Tuas to west. The current reclamation of land has increased the country to 716.1 square kilometres from 581.5 square kilometres in the 1960s (Teo, Peggy, Chang amp. Ho, 54). There is an anticipation that the country will grow by 100 square kilometres by the year 2030. Some parts of the country’s land have been donated for parks, reserves, nature ways tree lines, roads and nature ways among other natural areas.Climatically Singapore, is characterized by a tropical rainforest climate without any seasons, temperatures and pressure are consistent, high humidity and very high level of rainfall (Teo, Peggy, Chang amp. Ho 66). Temperatures vary from 22 to 35 degree centigrade while humidity is 79% before noon and 73% thereafter.The country, as in the year 2012, had a population of about 5.3 million people which consisted of 3.3 million, accounting for about 62% of the citizens while the remaining 38% represented foreigners (Chiu, Stephen, Kong-Chong Ho amp. Dale Lü, 298). About 23% of the citizens are not citizens by birth, but are born in foreign lands as there were about half a million permanent residents. 37 is the median age of its population having an average household size of about 3.5 persons. The major problem in Singapore is limited land which has led to large populations living in subsidized, high rise, public housing apartments (Teo, Peggy, Chang amp. Ho 145). There are very high numbers of domestic helpers in the country.The estimate, as per 2013, on fertility rate assumed to be around 0.79 per woman. This represents the lowest fertility rate in the world (Teo, Peggy, Chang amp. Ho, 198). This has been a major problem in Singapore and to solve this problem the

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