The Condition of Hayley Who Suffers From Autism with Regard to the Health Aspects

This paper will discuss the condition of Hayley with regard to the health aspects and the impact it has on the family. It will analyze the strategies that can be utilized to deal with the autism condition.

Autism is a disorder that is caused because of neuronal impairment. It leads to a lack of social interaction and communication in individuals who suffer from it. The signs of autism can include repetitive behaviour in children, lack of communication, lack of understanding and lack of self-esteem or confidence. Individuals who suffer from autism need a caretaker at all times (Glasson et al 2008 &amp. Parry 2005). This can be seen in Hayley’s case very clearly as she is not able to interact with other children in school. She has not even gotten along with Bruce and she is very agitated as well. She would not be able to do well without her mother Karen who puts in all her efforts to do her best for Hayley by changing her working hours and taking care of her. All of these above-mentioned factors clearly show that autism is a disorder that needs to be cured to have a better society. The question now arises for the impact that this condition leaves on the family of the sufferers.

The incidence of autism has increased in Australia over the years with better diagnostic evaluation and awareness. The incidence is higher among young children than in older age groups (Williams et al 2005). It has also been concluded that the condition has a genetic predisposition (Matuszek et al 2009 &amp. Glasson et al 2008) which means that Bruce would need to consider his wish to have another child as the child might also suffer from autism. The loss of social interaction of Hayley also indicates the fact that she is having decreased development according to her age as by the age of 3 years a child should be able to effectively play with his age group children and by the age of 7 years a&nbsp.child should be involved in team games (Parry 2005).

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