Tesco PLC and Ocado PLC Annual Report and Financial Statements

A century has passed, since the company started its operation, it has total revenue of £62.54 billion and the operating income is £3.41 billion with a market share of 30.7 makes it No 1 in the UK retail market, but its business strategy has not changed at all and they still do the business in the conventional style. The other choice we have is Ocado Plc, it is one of the pioneers in the online grocery, initiated in 2000 in partnership of Waitrose, the internet-based company has a total revenue of £402.0 million and its partner Waitrose have about 4% of market share. Ocado’s method of doing business is different and technologically innovative, they employ the internet and mobile technology for retailing their products.Considering the fact that e-retailing in the UK has grown 13 times in last 10 years, potentially progressive idea and viewing a stronger position of Mighty investment to dictate its terms, it is my suggestion that the investment should be made in Ocado PLC.Mighty Investments ltd has been a group which has observed the market and understands the trends. Its safe evacuation of funds from the construction market is one example. The recent recession had a very major impact on the investment drift of the market. At the moment everyone is being conservative and now investors are looking towards new places for investments rather than the conventional clients. The retail market has been successful in gaining the attention of giant investment groups. Mighty investments have allocated in investment amounting £ 100 million for the retail market. Our team has filtered two major players of the UK retail market and specifically in the grocery store which are Ocado Group PLC and second is Tesco PLC. The key focus during the analysis would be the prospective company’s growth potential in specifically the UK grocery and food retailing this is considered because it’s the food industry that is not been affected much by the economic meltdown and its progress is consistent, whereas it is witnessed that recession has reduced the buying power of the consumer and created a conservative client.

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