Terror in Iraq

Historically, Arabs have been warriors in nature- born to kill at the moment’s notice. The history from the Crusades suggests the level of their hatred against White people and the issue of Middle East in the recent past and the first Gulf War can be attributed as few of the important reasons in the backdrop to understand the general Arab mindset in contemporary Arab World and its impact on the Iraqi military. It is believed that the Arab mindset is captive of four mythical ideas of dignity, fantasy, apocalyptic discourse, and conspiracy theories and many now also believe that corruption is also the necessary part of the Arab mindset. (www.Hyscience.com, 2005). It is also further argued that the Arab Mindset has not changed much as the transitions into the world stage has left little or no influence over the Arabs as a whole therefore in order to study the Arab mindset and its influence over the Iraqi Army would necessitate that we broaden that definition of Arab mindset.Though it may be true that the dignity and corruption can be the most penetrating variables in Arab mindset and by using them the US can significantly influence the capability of the Iraqi army, however, we also need to broaden that net in order to provide a holistic view of the Iraqi crisis as a whole. Further, a typical Arab mindset is stubborn in nature as it often refused to budge and bend therefore using present Arab mindset successfully to improve the Iraqi Military capability in a positive way can be a difficult task, however, religion and Iraqi nationalism are two important variables of Iraqi Arab mindset which can be used for this purpose.Most of the Muslimsand Arabs especially view this war in the backdrop of religion as religion is the most central part of the Arab and Muslim mindset.

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