Teeens in concentration camps

Cynthia Ozicks The Shawl portrays the cruelties of Nazi concentration camp. Stories and narratives about the concentration camps demonstrate the unending brutality and wretchedness that the Jewish young children and teenagers faced during the reign of Hitler.In the concentration camps teenagers were recruited for the Nazis and forced to undergo heavy military practices. These teen soldiers had been educated for struggle, and most of the soldiers had hardly even heard of these concentration camps. In Nazi concentration camps the teen soldiers have met thousands of hungry and struggling populace including young children who had witnessed and observed assassinations, persecution, hunger and ravage they also had been dehumanized. Eleanor H. Ayer supports They were murdered because they had Jewish blood, and nothing they could do could change that. (Ayer 7-8).Teens who have been recruited in to the Nazi force also suffered from severe training programs and strict disciplinary activities. Many of them have escaped from these concentration camps because of dehumanization and other conditions which were beyond their power of endurance.During the time of Nazi movement in Germany, lots of the teens became rescuers when their parents choose to conceal Jews. The teenagers survived in the ghettos of Lodz and they also lived in Warsaw. In all there places they have had to sustain physical scarcity, mistreatment, and transportation to the death camp. The Jews who lived in these concentration camps were subjected to severe physical torturing and often killed. On the other hand, for nearly all prisoners, actual celebration was not possible. The book Liberation: Teens in the Concentration Camps and the Teen Soldiers Who by Tina Tito points out that They built death camps occupied with the most sophisticated technology available in order to kill the Jews. With the assistance of collaborators (non-Germans who

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