Technology in the Next 25 Years

Experts predict that technology in the next 25 years will revolutionize the world to something never seen before. They predict that quantum technology will be possible such that the computers will be able to harness the power of the atom to help in performing computational tasks. The current computers are electronic and therefore they only store information in 1’s or 0’s but with this technology, it will be possible to store both and this will increase processing capability (The Observer).
Another prediction that is made is that the smartphones that we use today will have the power of a supercomputer at that time surpassing the capabilities of the servers that we have today. The phones will also have increased memory and the capability to connect to a high powered network that it will be easy for anyone to access massive kinds of information. It will also be possible to store all your information in a back-up cloud so that in case it is lost you only need to identify yourself and you have all your information (Gates).
Another prediction is that it will be possible to speak to your computer such that there will be no need for a keyboard or a mouse, you will talk to the computer and tell it to perform a given operation with ease. It will be possible to use natural language on computers as they will be able to learn and recognize their errors and mistakes. For example, the Watson system developed by IBM that interacts with humans is one such example of what to expect in the future (Marsan).
It is also predicted that everything will be digitized and accessible over the internet from personal information to corporate information, to history and education. All these will be scanned and stored on the internet and they will be searchable. The content will also be personalized so that an individual will receive the article, books, music or even movies that march their interest. This storage on the internet will mark the death of certain kinds of media formats such as DVD’s and Blue-ray disks which may be the last formats ever made (AML).
It is predicted that robots will outnumber humans in the near future as people and industries will be able to make use of them more than they are being used today. It is predicted that there will be specialized networks that will be made to enable communication between these robots and thus enable them to work efficiently. Their number, especially in developed nations, will outnumber people (Marsan).
These technologies will come at a cost to human beings such that they will be pervasive and thus intrude on our privacy. Secondly, they will also security concerns that come with the use of cameras everywhere as people will be monitored and their security compromised. There will be increased health concerns as a result of the application of these technologies as some use harmful rays. Another problem is that with the use of robots human relations will be broken and people may prefer solitude in the name of staying with the machines (Tynan).

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