Survey for my psychology class

In general there was similarity to the answer on the nature of psychology, except for the youngest, who had no previous exposure to any study on psychology. The answers from the others were satisfactory as all of them have had exposure to psychology in their student days, as could be seen from their response to the second question. The best answer came from the participant undergoing a nursing course, and as such had the best exposure to the nature of psychology in her study classes. The only erroneous answer came from the youngest with the least experience, and no exposure to psychology in his study classes. He has confused psychology with psychiatry, which is a branch of psychology that deals with abnormal functioning of the brain or mental illness. Taking into consideration his exposure, he has exhibited a perception that most people would, when not aware of psychology, as psychiatry is commonly used in the treatment of mental illness. This brings us to the possibility that often perceptions derived from the environment around us need not necessarily be factual, and yet to the human mind it remains otherwise.
The third question is relevant to the experiences that the participants have had during their tenure in the college. To the majority the institution is a great place, and this perception arises from the good experiences that they have had. Yet, these perceptions are expressed by members of the faculty and administration. They are bound to say nice things even if they feel otherwise. The nature of the institution from the students’ perception drops to an all right situation from the older student, and a downright condemnation of the institution from the young student, who must be having pretty bad experiences in the institution. Depending on which side of the fence the individual assesses the institution the perception changes. Therefore experience, position and age do

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