Recently, steroids have been in discussion with the media. In addition, many sports related persons are heard or seen on media charged with the steroid abuse. However, steroids are comprised of several different names for example stackers, pumpers, gym candy, weight trainers, roids, gear, Arnolds (Lau ) and the most popular one is juice (Freedman 64). In recent years steroids are being used in the treatment of many diseases like asthma, lack of proper growth, cancer, osteoporosis and other skin related disease (Freedman 64).They are defined as a class of lipids having a particular molecular ring structure called the cyclopentanoperhydro-phenanthrene ring system. Steroids differ from one another in the structure of various side chains and additional rings. Steroids are common in both plants and animals. In humans, steroids are secreted by the ovaries and testes, the adrenal cortex (Steroids. 1-1). Moreover, the chemical substances that are produced in the human body in order to control the metabolism are known as hormones. The hormones act as a courier that controls the actions of the body by sending messages to the body tissues (LeVert 96). Similarly, steroids are also like hormones, they are substances prepared in the laboratory and are known as synthetic steroids that are used for the treatment of medical issues (Freedman 64). The hormones in males for example testosterones are responsible for the improvement of male distinctiveness such as facial hairs, intensifying male voices or bulky muscles. Males produce large amount of testosterone that helps in enhancement of male features. Anabolic steroids are also derived from male sex hormones testosterones. In addition, steroids are used by many health professionals for the treatment of several diseases but these steroids can be availed only by the medical prescription (Freedman 64).These are the natural steroids produced in the human body by a gland known as the adrenal cortex.

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