A Station Stop, Not a Destination

A Station Stop, Not a Destination

Anyone who has skipped over the first pans to reach this section will get nowhere. Studying and taking exams are too closely related. Starting here would be like the man learning to walk the tightrope who read the directions and placed his left foot on the rope;, and then the right, and then fell flat on his face. He skipped over the part about first keeping his balance. There are no short-cuts to prosperity in the business of self-education.

Up to now we have been creating a “rationale” for taking one’s studies in stride. A rationale shows the reasoning behind certain prescribed patterns of conduct. A rationale is better than mere do’s and don’ts because you can modify the recommended procedures intelligently to fit personal, variable situations or your own individuality when a rigid procedure does not work too well for you.

An exam is one of the many incidents along the long road to an education, and NOT the destination. In a very general way, an exam is similar to being born: Long preparation and growth had to come first, and a lot more of real life still lies ahead!

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