Stakeholder Analysis



Professional baseball players will have a stake because of their dependence on the success of their respective teams to help in their acquisition of lucrative opportunities and rewards while amateur participants will be dependent on the capability of teams, clubs, and coaches to help them acquire their goals. The different baseball players in various levels will expect a well-organized and regulated baseball sport which will have the ability to offer them opportunities within which they can safely participate even with the security of good medical services in the case of an injury and a functional contract. Other stakeholders include Traffic Control Units as well as the Boston Police Department. The police will be necessary for security patrols and maintenance operations during the baseball game events. This is particularly important due to the fact the games will be scheduled at night and hence the need for a solid and functional security system to ensure the smooth operations and performance of the different games. The police unit will work with the internally based security system within Boston University. This close cooperation between the two is important since the BU Security personnel are well versed with the daily operations of the institution. The traffic control unit will be tasked with the responsibility of regulating traffic inflow and outflow during the game nights to prevent any interference with the normal traffic flow on major roads and highways leading to Boston University.

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