Special Business Forms

Business Law al Affiliation Business Law It is of crucial significance to that any prospecting business person who may be in need of entering into a contract with other existing businesses may need to consider several factors. This is very important in ensuring that the person joining the other existing businesses does not have to undergo or face some risks that may have been avoided earlier on (Emerson, 2009). As such, it is always very important to ensure that the person who is considering joining or coming into partnership must know how the company that he or she wants to join operates. In addition, he or she needs to understand several aspects of their engagement. This involves the issue of how risks can be accommodated between and amongst the coalescing parties. Moreover, the person needs to come to familiarize with the terms and conditions governing such a form of partnership (Emerson, 2009).
However, in the case of Bateson Corp, it is very challenging to join the other two companies. Any move to partner with either of the two companies is poised to result to big losses to Bateson Corp. this follows that Bateson Corp is not familiar with the way such businesses operate. In addition, Bateson Corp is not familiar with some of the terms and conditions that may govern their partnerships. In such a case, forming a partnership with such business ventures may most likely result to losses on the side of Bateson. For instance, such business corporations may breach the contracts of the partnership. In case such happens, it is most likely that such corporations may even fail to pay for the equipment that may have been supplied by Bateson Corp. This is likely to result to big losses on the side of Bateson Corp.
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