Social Problem Of Alcoholism

Mr. John is a 38 years old communication manager in a leading broadcasting house. He is married with one kid and stays with his mother in his apartment. Every evening Mr. John would meet his friend James who is not married in a nightclub where they had their social dealings. Each time they meet, they had to take alcohol, as John gathered information from his friend. Mr. John always used to say that he must not look alcoholic because he is a senior manager. Before he started drinking, he called his wife and informed her that they were with James. His wife always viewed James as a reasonable and harmless man. No one could suspect Mr. John as an alcoholic because he had no signs whatsoever and he composed himself well at work. He started spending a little time with his family and when his mother tried to warn him of his drinking habit, he just ignored and referred himself a family man.One evening, his wife questioned about his drinking habit because he had no time for them, but he jokingly invited her to the join them because he cannot beat them. The following night Mrs. John prepared herself and went at the usual place where Mr. John met James. This continued for a period and when Mr. John seemed drunk, his wife flossed with James. This later gave birth to a relationship and his mother alerted him but he could not understand because most of the time he was drunk. Mr. John started beating and abusing his wife, he started taking sick off from his job, and could not deliver the way he used to. At this point, Mr. John was still denying that he has a drinking problem. The main issue being conflict arising at home due to his drinking habit, an inability to stop drinking, jeopardizing his work, putting his finances in crises due to excessive drinking and breaking up his family. Regardless of his mother and friend’s effort to warn him about his drinking habit and his wife’s behavior, Mr. John continued to drink excessively. He always said that he was an adult and he knew what he was doing. As time went by, Mr. John noticed his wife was pregnant and sent her away because he could not remember when he fulfilled his duty as a husband. Mrs. John later delivered a baby, but she died. On the other hand, John lost his job due to the inability to

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