‘Smoke Signals’ Film Review

Topic: Smoke Signal presents an image of the Indian lifestyle and their culture in a completely different way than usually shown in most of the Hollywood movies in which Indians were presented from a ‘white’s’ point of view. The film depicts and describes the problems faced by an Indian in the modern 20th century known to be progressing far away from the ancient theories and thoughts of racism, color and ethnic differences. The main characters of the movie are a clear example of the problems faced by an Indian and show how difficult it is for an Indian to live in 20th century with their ethnicity following them wherever they go and them not being treated equally like whites. Probably the first movie made from an Indian’s point of view, smoke signal reflects stereotypical representation by displaying the behaviors of different people from the society towards Victor and Thomas who were always shown in one way or the other that they are Indians and they should be violent. Also, the film provides us with the history of Native Americans by taking us to places where Native Americans originated, their current place of living where they were moved forcefully by those who moved in their land. Native Americans are determined and culturally pure group of people. The movie chooses the death of Thomas’s father and showed that even though Thomas hated him, he was culturally bound to collect his father’s ashes, this is actually the beginning of the change in Thomas’s life when he gets to discover his true self. Work CitedSmoke Signals, the movie.

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