Slavery wasnt the MAJOR CAUSE of the CIVIL WAR

the Convention.
After the Convention the beginning was set for a new country and the new
Constitution. However was this enough for the Northern and Southern States to
prevent differences A new age began and also new ideas came in how the
States should work together. And a wars came, with England, Mexico and the Civil
War. Why dit it happen Let me take you into a short summary of the history.
Rockwell JR and H. Llewellyn, Genesis of the Civil War (2000) quote:
"And yet, if you listen to the media on the subject, you might think that the entire issue of
the Civil War comes down to race and slavery. If you favor Confederate symbols, it means
you are a white person unsympathetic to the plight of blacks in America. If you favor
abolishing Confederate History Month and taking down the flag, you are an enlightened
thinker willing to bury the past so we can look forward to a bright future under progressive
leadership. The debate rarely goes beyond these simplistic slogans."
Pratt 3
Jeffersonian Republicans and Hamiltons policies had wide angels of how the
Country should be based and run. Both Founding Fathers based their idea on two
different ideas. Jefferson wanted to build the nation on agriculture where Hamilton
wanted to build a strong Government. He opposed to involvement to the French
Revolution and staying to friendly to the British. The significant factors where most
concerned about the States Rights, strict reading of the Constitution, important for
Jefferson together in backing the French Revolution where Hamilton wanted a
more elastic Constitution with a strong Government with no interfearing in the
French Revolution. Miracosta College Proffesor…
The big issue was whether they should be entitled to representation from Congress.
The independence of the United States as signed in Paris on September 3, 1783 stayed optimistic for the sovereign states however it also produced many problems in the future between the Northern and Southern States. In 1790 a new Capitol was chosen for the Congress and Government, Washington a new named city took over the lead from Philadelphia.

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