Sexual promiscuity of female adolescents

Topic:nbsp. Sexual promiscuity of female adolescents The indulgence of sex by female adolescents with many partners in a manner of casual sex is what ismeant by sexual promiscuity of female adolscents.Many women in African American community, take this as a social activity and maintain sexual relation with multiple partners without thinking of its pros and cons. One of the main sexually activity which fall in this class is the one –night stands. The sexual behavior of promiscuity nature changes with the culture and class. Furthermore, motivating factor for sexual promiscuity among female adolescents can also be of varied nature. Generally women who indulge in promiscuous sexual relationship are tagged as sluts and are degraded in decent societies. However in African American women, the tendency to involve in casual sex is higher as they have less education about healthy sexual practice and safe sex.
From the traditional point, promiscuous sex was regarded as an evil and the women of such character were regarded as fallen woman. Now the structure of the society and view of sex in society has changed drastically. People take sex more causally and get involved in relationship without any moral and ethical basis. The sexual promiscuity in female adolescents is a delicate issue as the casual sex behavior of females is depended on many factors. These factors are the social situation of the female, their educational qualification, living standard and sexual instincts. Moreover, this casual sex behavior is also provoked by substance usage and alcohol consumption. It is a known fact that drugs and alcohol mostly induce the tendency to have sex among female and male equally well.
It is not an easy task to eradicate this social evil of sexual promiscuity in African Female adults. The root cause of this behavior is not educating these females in the right direction. Many a times, teenage African American girls do not understand the negative consequences of sex before attaining maturity. With the wrong family background and the lack of education, these African females and males involve in sex and become victims of mental and physical disorder in the future. It is mostly the sexual promiscuity of female African women and male which leads to the rising of STDs and HIV at early stages of their life. Moreover, it is also common to find that sexually promiscuous female adolescents are caught up with depression and other emotional disorders at early stages of their life. For instance, the sexually promiscuous adolescents are those girls who led a care free sexual life during their teenage years.
The main way in which this sexual activity can be reduced is by education the mother’s figures in the African American society. Mother s need to educate their young daughters about STDs and usage of condoms to reduce sexual diseases and early pregnancy. Furthermore, the African American males who are in teens are also responsible for motivating the African American teenage girls into early sexual relations. These African American males end up in sex because of the instability in their family infrastructure. For instance, many of them lack the presence of father in their family to give them right education, caring and support. The absence of father and an uneducated mother can collapse the entire stability of psychological and physiological foundation of children in teenage. Finally, in order to reduce the sexual promiscuity among female adolescent further research needs to be done in the appropriate and sophisticated manner.

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