Self introduce

Module I am Junwoo Park from Korea. I came to the U.S for my further studies and took up History and Political Science as one of my courses. Taking the history class was one of my childhood passions. When we moved from Kaplan to Seattle and I had to be transferred from De Anza College to here, I was glad that finally I was able to pursue my dream. It has always been a thrill learning about the past and understanding why some of the things happened in the past and their effects in the present. As an individual, I am warm hearted, outgoing and love movies. Being in this class has also made me love documentaries especially about the past and about relationships that transpire between countries.
There are many things that the course has taught me, and the fact that there are many things recurring that are linked to the past has also made it easier to argue using facts and support my thinking based on what essentially took place. Some of the relations between countries have their roots based on actions of close to four decades ago while others have theirs going a century back or more. These relations were determined then and countries have tried to break such barriers by using political scientists to determine the best path to follow for reconciliatory purposes (Huret 239). Such are the attributes that make me wish to learn more about the course. Each day, there are interesting facts that I learn, and this increases my curiosity and a longing for the class every day. I have never missed any of the lectures because absence to me, in this class, is imaginable.
Works Cited
Huret, Romain, “All in the Family Again? Political Historians and the Challenge of Social History.” Journal of Policy History, 21 (3) (2009): 239–63.

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