School Safety Paper [w4r]

But, unfortunately a student injured recently as one of the window panes slipped over him. The boy had severe internal injuries due to which he lost speech and left hand. All those students who were present around him during the incident were in great shock. The boy was and studying in the eighth standard. He was the only child to his parents. The parents were in utter grief when a group of students went to see him in the hospital. Everyone in the school had many sleepless nights and is panic stricken to go near the new department.
It took almost half a year the boy to recover his health but question arises who is to be blamed for the situation? Who will get back his lost speech and hand? Is it the school authority? Or the negligent builder? The principal had put a committee headed by three staff members to look into the matter more seriously. They have presented a final report saying that the builder had used a cheap quality window panes and cement in the construction. The school secretary lodged a case in the court of law against the builder and supervisor for their negligence and teaching. They were convicted with a penalty of $5000 each and reconstruction of the building all over again. But, still who will get back the happy days of innocent boy. The principal decided to help the boy financially towards his further studies in the school of disabled. But, the student was unhappy with this decision. The student wanted to continue in our school as he was confidant in continuing further as usual. Fortunately he is left with good eye sight, understanding capability and more over his right hand to write and legs to move around. He was one of the brilliant students of our school and everyone was sure that he excels in his academics same as he did before. But, he was still detained due to which he was psychologically upset. He started cursing his fate and helplessness. He

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