School Counseling for the TwentyFirst Century and Handling Multicultural Issues between Students

Collectively, we need to get to the root of racism&nbsp.or prejudice as they cause discomfort and depression for who feel inferior and fall into the trap. With reference to John J Schmidt’s ‘Counseling in schools’(1999) we live in a multicultural and multilingual world, with different people, with different ideas and everyone needs to feel equal and comfortable.

Getting to the root of multicultural issues is important for all of us to live peacefully. Jose and James evidently are culturally diverse in more ways than one. One of which being ethnicity and the other being socio-economic differences. Breaking down communication barriers between Jose and James is essential. Therefore, I need to get Jose and James to talk about their issues in an effort to achieve uniformity. As a Guidance Counselor, it is my duty to make them knowledgeable about appreciating and embracing the similarities and differences among themselves because we are living in a multicultural environment. Once the students accept the fact that they are different and they are willing to tolerate each other, they will become comfortable around each other and this will help ease issues of discrimination or even racism or prejudice which just might be the problem.

On a wider scale now, having regular group counseling sessions where the students can identify the similarities and differences among themselves would also prove fruitful, as it will give them a better understanding of the topic. I would also have to ensure that they understand the importance of having and being in a multicultural society. In addition, teachers associated with the students should acknowledge the fact that the students are different. Therefore, their environment needs to be multiculturally influenced. It is also highly important that teachers do not practice favoritism, prejudice or discrimination on kids because of unethical reasons such as race, as this will give them the right to do the same. Teachers need to make an example.

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