Responding to classmates’ work

Commentary MIA Sunshowers I would agree with the that globalization is an integral part of every world so much so that now we have one universal world where other’s problems are our problems as well. Take the example of the global recession. If outsourced factories of big brands like Nike, Reebok etc. close down due to recession in the third world countries, people in these countries would lose everything even though these people consider that they are being exploited by the brands.
However in MIA’s song, the message portrayed is much more oriented towards the plight of her people due to political issues rather than social issues, as identified by the writer. The whole reference about Palestine Liberation Organization, bombings, shootings and suicide all refer to the routine lives which the western world does not understand. Thus MIA, like other artists all over the world, uses the entertainment platform to educate the audience about their problems which they cannot through any other means.
2. The Golden Compass
I would like to say that culture and identities are all created to keep one’s own interests in check. Since the resources in the world are scarce, people had to create their own identities to stamp their names on a particular resource to keep it safe from others. Thus my belief is anti-Tomlinson that ‘cultural identity is a victim, not product, of globalization’. As a rationalist I believe that everybody selfishly thinks about oneself and protects ones resources. Having British accents in the movie is a sign that the ‘universe parallel to our own’ will have people that are just like the people in UK thus showing enforcing the superiority of the UK. Now since the flow of information is universal due to globalization, it is even more important for people to protect their own interests. Thus cultural or group identities are indeed becoming ever more meaningful as entities themselves.
3. Persepolis
Globalization is a worldwide phenomenon yet the western world is involved in it than the eastern. But this is due to the fact that the west has more power and more control on the media that the east watches and listens. Thus just like history is written by the ruling party, the culture the east is inspired by is written and broadcasted by the ruling party i.e. the west. The voiceless can only create sporadic noises just like a few inciting music videos, movies or TV programs no matter how good they are. This movie attempts to do the same. By attracting the western audience though their own cultural values, this movie shows how the west changes the national identity and culture.

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