Research and Reflections on Success and Failure in IM Management

In this report, the career profile of an information management specialist is chosen for discussion and analysis. An information management specialist is responsible for the management of information and data within an organization, for consulting and liaising widely in order to market and promote corporate information, for recording management practices, coordinating these practices with the availability and management of information resources in the business. Additionally, the responsibilities of an information management specialist also include providing high end corporate and legal advice regarding the workflows and management of corporate records and information in all the departmental units and locations of a business. The information management specialist also coordinates, evaluates, develops, implements maintains and reviews different departmental records and management policies, standards, procedures, systems, industry trends and guidelines so as to help the formulation of corporate policies in accordance with various departmental requirements. The role of an information management specialist is most recognizable in a company which operates in a dynamic and advanced technological environment.
The factors that contribute to the success and failure of the information management systems can be identified and evaluated through the research and study of different articles and interviews with Information Management professionals across the world. It can be seen by researching on the career profiles and career graphs of various information management professionals, that there are some basic fixed factors that are necessary for the success of professionals in these job roles. Also, there are few stipulated factors that are found to be the common causes of a failure of the individuals as information management professionals (Information professionals, 2012, p.1).

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