Relationship Analysis Paper

s an intelligent man, highly educated and emotive at times due to loss of his twin brother and use of one kidney which makes him have a poor health status. To support him, I encourage him on most occasions, offering emotional support which I know he needs considering the fact that those close to him, like his parents are far off.
This paper is a reflection of my relationship with Tony, my boyfriend and it analyzes it using the concepts of mediated communication, the self-concept and emotions. Due to the nature of our relationship, we had to use different media of communication just to convey our concerns and emotions towards each other. We have mostly used the internet via twitter, facebook and skype and as outlined in different section of my paper. These agents of mediated communication have their pros and cons which directly affected the scope of our relationship. A brief definition of the concept of mediated communication is that it uses a medium to transmit a message (Wright et al, 4). The concept of self outlines my esteem and how my boyfriend managed to make me feel confident of myself. Another aspect involves emotions, and it depicts the weaker side of my boyfriend and me. This paper reflects on how through collaborations, we managed to take care of each other’s emotions and resulting to a stronger bond between us.
The relationship with my boyfriend can be termed as a long distance relationship by all definition, we are constantly communicating with each other. Thanks to the agents of mediated communications, namely the internet (Wright et al, 5). The internet as a medium has twitter, facebook and skype, which enables us to communicate constantly and effectively with my boyfriend.
With the help of skype, we manage to chat and use video calls to communicate and express our emotions and share our daily events. On most occasions and I tweet my boyfriend just to express my love to him, and he responds back. We are able to follow each other’s daily

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