Real Leadership on a person

Ahmed Mohammed Jumaa Alhanaey is the leader of the company, ZDKO and it is under his guidance that the company has been capable of attaining the desired level of success in the marketplace. When the person was asked as to what influenced him to be a leader, he replied that his previous job instilled lots of confidence within him. He learnt the leadership traits from his previous boss. Ahmed Mohammed Jumaa Alhanaey demonstrated many instances when he had been effective as a leader in the previous job assignments. This motivated him to be leader. It has been found that this leader has been capable of effectively dealing with the challenges that the company faced. In the interview with the leader it was identified that development of the vision and then identifying the vision turning into reality is one of the significant qualities of the leader (Klein &amp. Et. Al., “Dynamic Delegation”).
The leader of ZDKO describes himself as a passionate and dedicated human being. Ahmed Mohammed Jumaa Alhanaey has worked with a company named Etisalat for three years where he had experienced most of the leadership attributes that helped him in his future days. He demonstrated the fact that promoting consultation, unity and open communication with the followers are the pre-requisites for successful companies.
Ahmed Mohammed Jumaa Alhanaey revealed that most of the troubles can be eradicated in any company if the leader is capable of maintaining good relation with his followers. In an organisation people belonging to different culture work together. Managing these diverse group tends to be the biggest challenge for the leaders according to Ahmed Mohammed Jumaa Alhanaey. The managers are also faced with the issues relating to wider social, political, cultural, ethical and business representation. Cross cultural issues have been a significant problem in ZDKO. Successful are the leaders who are capable of

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