Racism in History

From the Racism in History movie, the second episode is the most captivating. From Bifutake’s work, one would argue that the concept of scientific racism is brought out clearly1. This is seen from the justification of the Europeans to practice the slave trade, slaves who are Africans.&nbsp.
A case in point is the daunting Nazism that was not a secluded eccentricity, but a representation of what was taking place globally.
As seen in Henry &amp. Marilyn’s work, racism is not new6. Failure to accept and assimilate other people’s way of life is the root cause of racial conflicts and divergences. Henry &amp. Marilyn clearly indicate that this is the ideal timing for the blossoming of eugenics and scientific racism.7 This racism then trickles into the social and intellectual life of society as seen in the case of the Nazis.

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