Primate Social Behavior Tell Us About Human Evolution

As the groups grow and divide the relationship equation changes at various levels. The leaders need to prove themselves in their body strengths as well as should have the ability so that members of the group follow him. The relationship between people increased with their need to stay together for hunting. When primates started staying together various things got invented, as rightly quoted necessity is the mother of invention. The social structures, needs of leaders and followers, distribution of labor and responsibilities based on age, sex and bodily strengths, language and communication methods and many other things developed.Different cultures have different characteristics. The study of various cultures comes under ethnography. Culture can be defined as the social heritage of human society where social behavior is based on certain norms and rules. Each member of the society needs to abide by these norms and rules. These have an impact on individual and collective behaviors of people. Social behavior has become complex in today’s complex social structure. Social behavior as indicates is the way people live together and communicate with each other. Various biologist and anthropologist have described and explained culture and society differently. Culture and society are different in the modern human society and historical primate’s society. This is the factor which distinguishes the human and nonhuman societies. E. B. Tylor defined human culture as capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.

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