Popular Culture and English Language Arts in English

Through this study, it is hoped that this student will gain an introduction to theorists of popular culture, and pop culture genres including film, popular print media, and advertisements. There are various posts discussing Harry Potter as an effective tool for learning. In one post, a classmate discusses how Harry Potter can be used as a teaching tool in order to develop different working tasks. In the post of Chun Fai Lau, he suggests that first and foremost, the audiobook is a good application of the theory set forth by Ferdinand de Saussure where he speaks about words and signs in relation to each other. De Saussure speaks of a cat and its meow which are automatically associated with each other. In more or less the same context, the audiobook will help the students make a verbal and a written association between the spoken and the written words. It will help them to understand the text better and to remember the words that they read by associating these with signs or with sounds. This method of teaching is a very hands-on technique. It allows the students to enhance, not just their verbal skills, but also their visual and associative skills. The flash cards can be associated with De Saussure’s word-to-sign or visual-to-verbal language elements. Chun Fai Lau’s suggestions can also help enhance the student’s memory. it applies not just in reading books but in studying lessons as well. More often than not, many students find it hard to memorize or remember their lessons. However, by associating images or sounds to the lessons or to their reading materials, it may be easier for the students to remember their lessons.In the second task involving note-taking, Chun Fai Lau also discusses and suggests viable options in teaching students. These options will help students remember important instances and points from the story or scene they just watched.

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