Political Economic Social and Technological Analysis of Overseas Ventures

Therefore, Elecdyne enjoys the dominance in the Japanese market despite having other major players in the industry based in Japan too.In recent cases, the organization had encountered slow growth. The slow growth of the enterprise could be attributed to restricted introductions to the Japanese markets. Indeed, restricted orientation to the Japanese market considerably lessens its intensity against extensive Japanese contenders. In endeavors to enhance its intensity, it is prescribed for Elecdyne to consider the conceivable outcomes of investing abroad. Perhaps, as a result of globalization and wider market base, overseas markets would enhance the growth of sales.The STEEP expository system would be utilized to dissect the present and future business situations that relate with Elecdyne. SWOT analysis would be a major tool in analyzing the internal and external variables that face the enterprise. Considerably, the company can stretch its operations in some of the developing nations such as United Kingdom, India, and China with an aim of exploring new opportunities and potential outcomes. In addition, another tool called PESTAL will help to determine the capacity of Elecdyne to internationalize its production and distribution services in the global markets.As a matter of fact, Bradfield et al. (2005) state that it will be workable for the organization to framework how the outer elements could affect its planning process. The STEEP, a tool used to investigate the structure of the enterprise, had regularly been utilized to quantify the different external business factors that would greatly influence the vital choices of the organization. The procedure is vital in evaluating the present and future business situations that the company would face. The analysis helps in determining the possible kind of decisions made by the executive members of the enterprise in order to improve the existing plans and structural frameworks.

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