Personal Mission and Identity Image

Personal Mission and Identity Image Unit Personal Mission and Identity Image My top 5 signature strengths Perseverance -I knows how to tolerate different people within the society, as well as persevere in both good and hard circumstances.2. Friendly-am warm and welcoming, which results to having a lot of friends.3. Fast learner- I have the ability to grasp anything new at a fast rate.4. Good listener- I listen more and talk less.5. Hardworking- I never tolerate failure, and therefore, get to work hard in everything I do.Past/Future use of Signature Strengths1. To become Gracious so as to help move my life with a sense of self-confidence. It will also help me treat each and everyone equally regardless of looks, education, speech and social status.2. Authentic to help me give and love more, making others feel welcome and warm in order to foster relationships that are authentic.3. Criritical thinker, in order to solve my problems in life 4. Self-confident, to be able to love myself more, as well as to eradicate the fear within me5. To become elegant so as to help in discovering myself everyday.Personal Mission Statement:To be gracious and authentic, in the sense of giving other people joy and have an impact in their lives using my uniqueness. Identity ImageImage should be embedded here (unless you attach it separately). Identity image. my favorite color is Blue because it represents whom I am. I am a Peaceful and loyal person which signifies the Blue color. My identity image is in the form of a circle, meaning am an all rounded person and friendly. The triangle represents my signature strengths which exactly fits the shape, while the square which is hidden represents my future strengths which I aim at achieving.Closing Paragraph: I am an intelligent person, who is a fast learner, friendly, good listener, hardworking and can tolerate different people, which means that I can work and live with people from all spheres of life.In future, I want to be gracious and authentic, in the sense of giving other people joy and have an impact in their lives using my uniqueness. My personal identity represents both my signature strengths and my mission. The circle represents my friendliness and gracious nature, an all rounded person, who has got a lot of friends. The Triangle fits all my signatures strengths, from an angle to an angle, while the square represents my future strength and mission. The blue color represents, my favorite color and who I am, I terms of being a cool and loyal person. (Garrett, 1998, Pg 1 ).Work citedGarrett.B. Personal Identity and self-consciousness. New York: Routledge. 1998, Pg 1

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