Personal Accomplishment

It is my opinion that any individual has various layers and that there are many qualities, accomplishments and experiences that one cherishes at manylevels. Similarly, I have various such qualities and experiences that I will always identify with. Basically, I am very fond of my family and friends, and things related to them matter the most to me.

My talents as a cook who likes to experiment with various recipes are utilized to the fullest when the food I cook is made as a special surprise for the people that I love. Similarly, weekends devoted to a joyful and relaxed time spent with close friends give me a lot of happiness, and it is these experiences that I look forward to. My family is scattered all over the world and in my opinion it is really important to keep in touch with all the members of my family, especially my parents who do not live in the U.S.A. with me, but are in another country.

However, the accomplishment that I’m really proud of is the fact that I have been working with Yen Wen Peng chiropractors’ for almost a year now. I work in the capacity of a receptionist and a doctor’s assistant. My love for human kind in general is reflected in the job that I do here, and the experience over time has increased my sensitivity and compassion towards people. I am more flexible as a person now, and what is most important for me is that I’ve grown as an individual. I have learnt, through this job, to handle many different types of people, with varying kinds of personalities, and maintain professionalism at the same time. In my opinion this job has also given me some practical experience that will come in handy when I will be pursuing my psychology major at college.

Apart from a setting a high standard when it comes to professionalism and handling all kinds of people with politeness, dignity and respect, I have also learnt how to be receptive and empathetic to other peoples’ needs. For instance, if a patient comes in for treatment one day and requires a pillow to be provided to him or her, I make it a point to arrange for a pillow without being asked, the next time that the same patient visits the office. It is a very small but extremely tangible example of how I have involuntarily become a much more perceptive and sensitive human being because of this job, and for this I am extremely grateful.

I have noticed that my great love for my family and friends that manifests itself in small but affectionate gestures like cooking for them or making a point to keep in regular touch with them, this job has made my approach to humanity much wider. I have always been a naturally affectionate person but because of this accomplishment I am able to care about and help many more people than I used to, and in this way I can touch their lives and make a mark, somewhere in their existence.

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