Outline of Literature Review Effects of Sports on Education

This report stresses that the teaching and learning environment entails social interaction because it is a social human activity. Children with longitudinal studies have problems in comprehending the social cues in addition to other nonverbal gestures from the other members of the class and sometimes even from the educators. This becomes a great challenge to the teacher in the process of implementing an all-inclusive program. The members of the same class just like the members within a learning institution have to coexist as a family.
This paper makes a conclusion that the performance is higher when comparing female athletes with non-female athletes. Although both female and male athlete students have higher GPAs than non-student athletes do, the contribution from female student athletes is great on the differences that appear when making comparison. Both non-athlete and athlete boys score lower grades besides behaviour badly compared to girls. Besides achieving highly in GPAs, sports increase the odds for female students by forty percent after graduating from college when making comparisons with non-athlete female students. On the contrary, higher scores in GPAs for both Hispanic and Black athletes with comparison to non-athletic counterparts, the same does not extend to long-term success in their later lives. Whiter athlete students attend and complete schooling compared to their Black counterparts.

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