OpEd Assignment

population and about 5.2 percent of the labor force (Alexseev, 2013). Moreover, the aliens contribute a larger share of the labor force than of the total population because the vast majority of illegal immigrants are working-age adults, who take over manual jobs. The paper expands on effects of illegal immigration on the country’s economic status.
Immigration is one of the major problem facing developed countries, the United States being one of them. A huge fraction of the American immigrants are widely non-Hispanic, Blacks, Asian and other ethnicity while majority of illegal migrants are Latino, primarily from Mexico and Central America, Europe and Canada and some from Caribbean (Giddens, 2006). The rapid rate of illegal aliens in the United Stated has been on rise since the 2012, stirring protest among the natives and some leaders. Reports from the media and accredited sources such as census have released information indicating increased cases of illegal migrants. Since October last year, nearly 57,000 illegal immigration children have flooded across the border and the figures are expected to rise to at least 150, 000 during the next fiscal year says a federal officials (Schain, 2012). The size and population composition of the immigrants affects the economy of the nation even worse the security. The impact is evident on the tax because most illegal immigrants are incapable of paying taxes because of restrictive federal policies that require proof of citizenship and fear of being caught and deported.
Issues of illegal immigration were minimal with a few cases reported but concern rose when a private media reported photos of illegal migrants housed in a go down. Previously, such cases were term as claims and the media house punished for deceiving the public but the news was viral causing the national media and other

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