Normative Ethics In Hewlett Packard



This was a combined decision of all the board of directors as Patricia was found to have hired a private investigator called Ronald Delia, who posed to be an HP director, a journalist and this was mainly to find out information and dig out information of the calls made by the directors and the journalist. Looking at the situation from the view of people within the company, the decision of the board to force Patricia to resign has proved to be one of the best and most useful decisions made by the company. This is mainly because it is unethical and is a complete breach of the privacy of the people. Considering the number of people who would be affected in a positive way versus the negative effect, it is seen that the number of people affected negatively is much greater. For Patricia to use the concept of pretexting and hiring a private detective has proved for her to be very insecure as the chair person of the company and also shows a very high lacking level of understanding the importance of privacy of the employees and co – workers and even known individuals. This highlights a very strong image of a personality of a person who crosses the lines of basic social borders and also use of illegal modes to peek into others personal lives. This is the very intense mistake made by Patricia and the correction of this mistake would prove to be very difficult as it would be impossible to the directors or any person working in the company to trust and cooperate and work with Patricia any longer.

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