New Venture Creation

They will range from the Italian handmade to those locally produced with differing qualities. Men’s shirts will be another area to make our customers rely on us. In addition, our stores will supply other men’s wear including the footwear, ties and quality vests. The introduction of casual wear for men will take place later.On the women’s side, our store will have trending dresses and shoes from the latest fashions from all over the world. The variety will include clothes for official functions and casual environments. The stores will have particular areas just for the women inner clothes from various fabric producers with different brands including panties and bras. The footwear will include the most variety of the trending designs. Other ranges for women needs will include handbags, sweater, and hats.To boys and girls, we will have a variety of clothes and footwear for differing brands to match their needs. These attires will include modern fashions and styles that are more preferred to young people. For the boys, attires will be similar to the men’s with the addition of casual wear in shoes, t-shirt and jeans trousers. In addition to these attires, we will also distribute backpacks with known logos to our clients through our stores. In future, the store will also supply other products such as sportswear, nightwear for men and women, towels and bed sheets.Our Unique selling point for the business will read, ‘We only supply the best quality wear from around the world with a variety to choose from at affordable prices at your convenience’. We embrace diversity in providing a variety of clothes to our customers from different manufacturers and cultures around the world. A New business will never lack competitors to their business and any starting company must have unique selling point in order to succeed.

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